cassava packs

Disposable Plates From Cassava

Disposable Plates From Cassava Utilizing cassava for disposable plates offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional materials. Cassava-based plates are biodegradable and can be a sustainable choice in single-use tableware. This process aligns with efforts to reduce the environmental impact of disposable products. The production of disposable plates from cassava typically involves the following basic steps: Harvesting…

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Tannery (leather making) in Nigeria

Tannery (leather making) in Nigeria. Tannery in Nigeria involves the process of converting raw animal hides into finished leather products. Tanneries in Nigeria typically follow steps like soaking, liming, dehairing, tanning, and finishing. It’s an essential industry contributing to the country’s economy and providing raw materials for various goods like shoes and bags. Environmental concerns…

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urban farming

Urban Farming Ideas

Urban Farming Ideas Imagine having fresh veggies at your beck and call! . . . And imagine that coming off your shopping list! Many crops can be grown in containers on the balcony, backyard, and within the compound of the house. These include leafy vegetables, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, yams, sweet potatoes and many more. Containers…

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Aquaculture and Sustainable Exploitation of Aquatic Ecosystems

Aquaculture and Sustainable Exploitation of Aquatic Ecosystems​ Aquaculture is the farming of aquatic organisms, including fish, shellfish, algae, and aquatic plants. It is a rapidly growing industry, and is now the world’s leading source of fish for human consumption. Aquaculture can play a significant role in sustainable exploitation of aquatic ecosystems. It can help to…

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Mechanized Farm

Agriculture & Food Security in Africa.

The Crucial Role of Agriculture in Achieving Food Security and Sustainable Environmental Management in Africa Introduction: Africa, with its vast natural resources and diverse ecosystems, has the potential to become a global powerhouse in agriculture. However, the continent faces numerous challenges, including food insecurity and environmental degradation. Agriculture plays a pivotal role in addressing these…

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